Band Registration

Band Registrations

To ensure smooth preparation for the Festival and its programming the following points apply to band registrations.

  1. Band registrations will only be accepted when lodged through the completion of on-line band registration form. Emails or mail will not be accepted as a way to register a band.
  2. Bands must be registered by 15th May 2021 to enable the performance schedule to be prepared.
  3. Musicians can only be registered in four bands. If a musician is registered in more than four bands their performance slots may clash.
  4. The Promoter will attempt to schedule two performances for each band, each on a different day of the Festival
  5. Bands must have at least 80% of members registered for the Festival by 15th May 2021 to be programmed to perform.

Band Leader Responsibilities

As a band leader at the Albury Jazz Festival you will need to assist with the smooth running of the event. You can help by:

  1. Ensuring your allocated set commences and finishes on time
  2. Complete the archive registration form at the end of your set to ensure an accurate record of personnel. If this is not completed musicians in your band may not be eligible for a share of the Festival surplus.
  3. Ensuring all personnel are aware of the programmed set - don't assume they will read the program.

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