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Albury Jazz Festival Update

Regrettably, the inaugural Jazz Festival is postponed. Too few tickets have been sold and too few bands have registered to provide for an engaging festival. Albury is an excellent venue for a jazz festival. To bring a jazz festival to life in 2021 I am exploring alternate models to finance the event and compensate musicians. With appropriate support, I am planning that Albury will host its inaugural jazz festival hopefully later this year. I will be inviting bands to come to Albury to provide a high-quality cross section of jazz in the pre-WWII styles. Those who supported my vision of a jazz festival in June will be amongst those invited. Id like to thank those who registered bands and who purchased tickets. Refunds for tickets will be processed over the next few days. Please keep your eyes open for an update during June.
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The Albury Jazz Fest Has Been Moved

The Albury Jazz Festival has been re-scheduled and will now be run over the NSW October Long Weekend. Further information will be made available over the next few days.
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Albury Jazz Festival Update - Sunday May 9th, 2021

This post will have one of two impacts: people may rush to register, or people may hold off registering. Nonetheless, I need to provide a clear understanding to the community of where we are at in arranging the festival. I have the feeling I'll be damned if I do and damned if I don't! I have had several people contact me expressing an interest in attending the festival over the June Long Weekend but also to help promote the festival. I am grateful to those people for their support and those who have registered. My intent in arranging this festival over the June Long Weekend is to provide a place where musicians and those who like jazz can gather, perform and enjoy jazz. I moved pretty quickly when I heard of the cancellation of the formal Merimbula Festival and musicians not wanting to travel to Merimbula for an all-in jam session. I was encouraged by feedback from those who felt cut out of other festivals looking for somewhere to perform. Regrettably, the concept does not seem to have excited the imagination of the jazz community. If I were to assess the festival's viability today, as I will next Saturday, it would not be going ahead. The festival would not provide an engaging event for musicians nor jazz fans. It would also not cover its costs! I have always said that I will base my assessment on registrations, those who have registered through TryBooking, accessed through the festival website. To assess the festival's viability based on people who say they are coming would be foolish because there is no demonstrated commitment. People have asked me what bands will perform. I decided to adopt the framework of some festivals that encourage musicians to register bands and themselves and share any surplus income over expenses for their performances, as has been the case in Port Fairy and Merimbula. Some bands have registered, regrettably not enough to provide a varied program. Of the bands registered, many musicians are yet to register. Thus I am concerned about the commitment of musicians turning up to perform as programmed. Imagine the outcome! So where to with the inaugural Albury Jazz Festival? For it to go ahead, musicians need to register bands and themselves by 15th May. Those who want to come and listen need to register by 15th May. I have the performance venues, the PA, drums and pianos. It's up to the jazz and Albury community if the festival goes ahead! If the festival does not go ahead, I'll be back to the drawing board moving forward with a model where musicians are guaranteed at least a performance fee for the weekend. I will select the bands that will provide the variety needed for an engaging festival from a listener perspective, as they do in Newcastle at their annual festival and now discontinued festivals like Thredbo. The festival will be later this year, not sure when yet, most likely Spring. To achieve this, I will be looking for financial backers and grants. I believe Albury is a fantastic location for an annual jazz festival. I'll have more time to pull an engaging event together that showcases jazz. I'll give you the outcome of my assessment next Sunday night. If the festival doesn't go ahead over the June Long Weekend, I'll process refunds directly from TryBooking for those who have been good enough to register by the end of May. If you have any questions, please email me at albury@jazzfest.com.au . I tend not to spend a lot of time on social media. All the best Chris 0401 777 099
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